What is Cryptosteel?

Cryptosteel is a hand-crafted, steel backup for your personal recovery seed, generated by Trezor.

Why do I need a Cryptosteel?

You can think of Cryptosteel as the master of all backups. It is a premier, indestructible physical backup tool for your recovery seed, without any third-party involvement.How does Cryptosteel work?

Cryptosteel comes with more than 250 stainless steel letter tiles engraved on each side. You can assemble your recovery seed manually from the supplied part-randomized set of tiles. For each recovery seed word, only assemble its first four letters. This is sufficient for their uniqueness.

Is Cryptosteel environment-resistant?

Yes, Cryptosteel is resistant to various sorts of physical damages, including fire, flooding, corrosive conditions, and impacts from accidents.


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